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NAF36H 0.1 Super Fine Black Liquid Eyeliner (1+1 Value Pack)

NAF36H 0.1 Super Fine Black Liquid Eyeliner (1+1 Value Pack)

NAF36H 0.1 Super Fine Black Liquid Eyeliner (1+1 Value Pack)

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  • price: US16.30
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NAF 0.1 fine Yan black waterproof Liquid Eyeliner (third-generation new upgraded version)
0.1 fine / quick-drying / water

The latest version of the third generation of the golden liquid eyeliner pen nib exclusive special Japanese fur bristles along very creamy! Fine nib within 0.1 eyeliner is also very suitable, no complicated techniques, as long as gently slide the tip along the Eye, you can easily to create the perfect deep big eyes, slender tip can have its special shuttle between the lashes, and sketched out arbitrary discharge or natural sweet wild eyes, even a novice can draw finer lines than 0.1 Oh! Eyeliner black color lasting and especially, its refreshing Baotou, quick-drying ultra-obedient texture, color can be repeated, so that the visual perspective becomes more dazzling deep, long-lasting eye makeup does not cake, as individual needs can Accurate draw smooth soft lines, instantly creating a misty effect shiny watery eyes.




Product Usage

Use Method

♥ u want to create big eyes sparkle, outline end of eye lines

♥ outline for upper and lower eyeliner, create Gayle Eye. (Suitable for all eye type used)

♥ 1. The first step to start eyelash roots starting from eye to eye tail back and forth about ways to draw end of eye liner 1/3. 2. The second step starting from the eye, eye liner head position closer to the finer only natural, from the eye drawn to the eyes to the back of the liner 1/3 To strengthen liner width can be repeated two to three times depicted , God's power charming eye makeup is complete.

01 Brilliant Black

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