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Taiwan Seamless mesh invisible eyelid stickers 24 pairs (without glue)

Taiwan Seamless mesh invisible eyelid stickers 24 pairs (without glue)

Taiwan Seamless mesh invisible eyelid stickers 24 pairs (without glue)

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  • Unit:24pairs
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  • price: US8.80
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Seamless mesh invisible eyelid stickers 24 pairs




Whole new generation of ultra-popular stealth eyelid stickers! 


Easy to use, easy to fail, double, single fold friend savior! 


Available for a variety of eye type: throw throwing eye, size eyes, puffy eyes, single eyelids, double and so fit, 


Easy posted a perfect deep eyelid, is particularly suitable for use in the eye makeup is completed, immediately after showing no trace of transparent glue dry, India shining tape does not appear, will not damage the eye makeup, the paste can also makeup. 


Each set contains 24 pairs of eyelid patch (without glue) 


Simply rub a thin layer of glue when you can use too much glue may irritate the skin, oh 


Use glue itself as chemical products, it is recommended before use wipe Cream, cream or makeup after 


Ingredients: Rosin, Copal, Silica, Isopropyl Alcohol. 


Manufacturer: Xu Yang teacher 




1 Carefully remove the trace eyelid stickers 

2 If necessary, trim the trace eyelid stickers self radian to meet individual needs, the effect is more natural. 

3 coated with a special glue to trace eyelid paste (coated with a thin layer of glue like) 

4 Finally, the trace eyelid stickers affixed along the eyelash roots or eyeliner location 

5 Tap with the pulp, so no trace eyelid stickers affixed to the upper eyelid like Volt 


Use Tips: Upon completion of the use of eye makeup, eye makeup effects will not destroy Oh! 


Quantity: 24 pairs 




This product uses adhesives, such as skin irritation after use, please consult a physician. 




Please put in the shade, avoid heat exposure.

*Disclaimer : The image is a special effect , The product effect varies from person
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