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Princess Lee False Eyelashes Cross 7 Black(1pack 10 pairs)

Princess Lee False Eyelashes Cross 7 Black(1pack 10 pairs)

Princess Lee False Eyelashes Cross 7 Black(1pack 10 pairs)

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● terrier soft bottom and comfortable, there will be no foreign body sensation! 

● printing plastic fake lashes look unnatural, the eye will easily tilt 

● Easy to wear and easy addition, reusable, arrived with a box of ten pairs of super-

● soft, cotton liner bit to do with non-comparable general plastic false eyelashes 

● All staff do, often out of stock 

● Reds were much star make-up artist and star had gained, including ZING, Lin Chi-ling, Jolin Tsai ... and so on. 




Princess Lee false eyelashes full manpower after manufacture, and the effect of supernatural feel comfortable to wear! 

Length and dense degrees Analysis: 

Length: 6 Cross> Cross 8> Cross 7 (from the shortest to longest) 

Dense degree: Black Cross> Cross> Cross Light (the most concentrated to the most natural) 


6 length of about 1.3 cm cross 

This length is the longest series Princess Lee cross style, wearing thick give people the feeling slim. 

(Suitable for an important banquet, bridal makeup ... the double and single fold eyelids by)


Length of about 1.1 cm cross 7 

This length is the most natural, the natural beauty of the election 

(Strongly recommend the most natural length, suitable for most people, look for the eyes add) 


8 length of about 1.2 cm cross 

This play doll princess dress length is most suitable 

(Double and single fold eyelids fit within those weekday use) 



1 first false eyelashes removed from the box, using small scissors go head tail; 

(2) holding the head and tail ends of false eyelashes, slightly curved to fit their own eye-shaped curvature; 

(3) on the top of the eye to measure, the amount of false eyelashes trimmed to the appropriate length of his own eye type; 

4 clips holding the hand or the bus up, coated with special glue false eyelashes; 

5 Alignment of eye position, the line of false eyelashes eyes fixed on the site, then the end of eye, the eye; 

6 adjust the position of the bus, as close to the true roots of eyelashes adhesive and fixed;

7 Finally, adjust the angle of the sub-line, you can have electric eyes sparkling after dry naturally. 


* Due to the handmade relationship, each pair of eyelash length, style, or will be some differences; 

* If you re-use, please pay attention to cleanliness and hygiene issues; 


Main Ingredients 

Man-made fibers

*Disclaimer : The image is a special effect , The product effect varies from person
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