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E-Heart Sexy V-Line Anti-Hunchback Beauty Bra - Black 1pc

E-Heart Sexy V-Line Anti-Hunchback Beauty Bra - Black 1pc

E-Heart Sexy V-Line Anti-Hunchback Beauty Bra - Black 1pc

  • weight:159.000 (g)
  • brand:E-heart
  • Unit:1pcs
  • price: US23.00
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  • price: US23.00
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E-HEART item price
S Size G52A402D8A037B-1 US23.00
M Size G52A402D8A037B-2 US23.00
L Size G52A402D8A037B-3 US23.00

It is a production off high quality and confortable fabric cut forming one innerwear you can wear directly to bed or during the day too. This innerwear forms a three-dimensional deep v curve shape. It is a special design where it concentrates your chest revealing the sexy curves.


Full professional manual process

Taiwan handmade professional play version

Ergonomic hand-draping sewn

Simple effort designed to wear with easier

Exclusive one-piece chest pad without rims pulling breast

Both sides of the the heightening cut design, complete coating Furu breast shape more three-dimensional

Innovative x-type cross-cut pressure quite back design, bid farewell to the back of the tiger, to restore confidence



Functional material to allow the skin to breathe, lightweight warmth. Antibacterial deodorant ─ fabric special anti-bacterial deodorant processing, to stay fresh and confident. Using Sunbeam textile thermotech, a new type of polyester fiber lightweight warmth! !


Six efficacy thermotech warm fiber


Innovative hollow fibers, dissipated by the internal air layer barrier temperature.Lightweight warmth, wicking, soft and comfortable, a bitterly cold can wear both light and warm!


innovative hollow fiber

Using the Sunbeam warm fiber the textile thermotech patent, with the patent of the original yarn elevator.


Fast dry

Rapid absorption of sweat-proliferation, to keep the skin dry touch


extremely delicate fiber 

Microfiber, soft smooth, comfortable and skin-friendly


Patent wicking fibers 

Functional material to allow the skin to breathe, wicking quickly, even if the state of motion, can be kept dry and not sticky.


antibacterial deodorant 

The fabric has excellent antibacterial deodorant by SGS antibacterial detection.



*Disclaimer : The image is a special effect , The product effect varies from person
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pur*** Hong Kong 香港 23.000 5( M Size ) 2019-07-13
noel*** 158.000 2( S碼 ) 2014-06-20
fre*** 158.000 1( S碼 ) 2014-06-18
amb*** 158.000 1( L碼 ) 2014-06-17
liz*** 158.000 1( M碼 ) 2014-06-17
yen*** 158.000 1( S碼 ) 2014-06-13
mek*** 158.000 1( M碼 ) 2014-06-12
car*** 158.000 2( S碼 ) 2014-06-07
sim*** 158.000 2( L碼 ) 2014-06-04
can*** 158.000 1( S碼 ) 2014-05-31
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管理员[micky]  reply: 14-06-23 10:20
你好,只有少量現貨, 謝謝
hilda say: 14-05-04 22:59
請問(旺角分店)s size有現貨嗎?
管理员[micky]  reply: 14-05-05 09:48
你好 有的, 謝謝
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你好, 心機款, 謝謝
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你好! 暫時沒有現貨,謝謝
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