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Kiladoll Sakura Cream 30ml 1pc

Kiladoll Sakura Cream 30ml 1pc

Kiladoll Sakura Cream 30ml 1pc

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  • brand:Kiladoll
  • Unit:30ml
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Kiladoll Sakura Cream 30ml  


The upgraded solution to BB cream & revolutionary solution for naked making up.**


A breakthrough product to replace BB cream. It works as a foundation or concealer which brings you a pinkish and even skin tone. Sakura cream is made of Sakura’s extracts from Hokkaido. It is classified as a skincare product with its protective moisturizing formulae which do not harm the skin and stain on clothes. Sakura extract technology can improve the defect of Traditional foundation and BB cream.


•It is whitening cream, but it can correct skin color evenly to natural color as well.

•It is water/sweat proof and can stand whole day long.

•It can be wash off easily by soap.

•It will not remove by mechanical force such as wipe by tissue.

•It will not peel off and will not pollute clothes.

•It can apply whole body when taking photos in studio.

•It can replace stockings, when apply on the foot.

•Make up and skin care at same time.

•With Shea Butter and Tranexamic Acid.


8 in 1 solution (make up + skin care):

- Conceal

- Whitening

- Moisturizing

- Firming

- Repair

- Anti wrinkle

- Embellish

- Isolate


Day & night using.

Discontinue if irritation occurs and seek for an advice from a doctor immediately.




*Disclaimer : The image is a special effect , The product effect varies from person
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