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ELE Mineral Facial Sleeping Mask Cream 50g 1pc

ELE Mineral Facial Sleeping Mask Cream 50g 1pc

ELE Mineral Facial Sleeping Mask Cream 50g 1pc

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  • price: US29.20
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Sleeping mask that will nourish your skin deep down to the inner cell that give you 10 times better result in comparison to other facial mask. 

Firmed and adjust skin complex to brighter and whiter with Namo technology. 

Enhance skin collagen and stop deterioration of collagen, decrease wrinkles and fine lines, 

anti-oxidant all result from concentrated of skin foods ELE cream. Product applied on face for moisturizing and face mask.


Directions: Use good amount of cream and apply onto face before bed time and rinse your face in the morning. Mask 2 times a week.

*Disclaimer : The image is a special effect , The product effect varies from person
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