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Beauty Buffet White Booster Shower Cream 350ml 1pcs

Beauty Buffet White Booster Shower Cream 350ml 1pcs

Beauty Buffet White Booster Shower Cream 350ml 1pcs

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This specially formulated collagen and Q10 shower gel cleanses skin velvety soft, radiant skin. Soluble collagen and coenzyme Q10 helps reduce aging and execution as an antioxidant compounds and prevent signs of harmful ultraviolet rays. This delicate shower gel effectively nourish skin essential nutrients. Oat extract, add moisture to the skin, soy protein nutrition promotoes vibrant skin firmness and texture; leaving it soft, smooth and healthy glow. 






Zalora origin of natural origin with natural products have been carefully selected raw materials, production and imports from South Korea extract is a natural substance extracted wholesome, valuable natural in origin will take you to go. In the realm of nature surrounding green pastures appearance. Mountain pastures and fluffy white clouds blown by changing winds. You can breathe fresh air, feel the spotless white wool with masses of lush green grass, large wide. It is a busy life, you encounter eased, this is the reason of inspiration. Origin natural skincare brand, which is the main raw material to produce up to then his milk. Nutritional content of goat milk is said to be the top of the food source of the skin. From nature and food than milk, the other rich source because it contains vitamins A, B6, B12, and vitamin E and β - KC Tatooine. (Β- casein), which is higher than the milk into the skin in about three times, so that Basu's Saab. Cause dry skin, smooth, soft again, it is their intention to seek valuable natural and exquisite selectivity benefits more from around the world to provide the best service brand. With you I just feel soft has been created for you to become the new skin to the touch.




Squeezed into the palm of your hand or sponge, lather over wet skin and rinse thoroughly.

*Disclaimer : The image is a special effect , The product effect varies from person
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