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MIZON Black Snail All in one Cream 75ml pcs

MIZON Black Snail All in one Cream 75ml pcs

MIZON Black Snail All in one Cream 75ml pcs

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  • brand:MIZON
  • Unit:75ml
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  • price: US36.10
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Mizon Black Snail Cream contains 90% of African black snail slime filtrate and more than 20 kinds of plant extracts black, barren environment to survive remarkable vitality! Improve a variety of skin problems: wrinkles, large pores, improve acne marks, dull, etc., texture rich, moist skin to bring efficient, so that the skin regeneration, elasticity soft and smooth, to create a vibrant skin, light skin regain health mining! 

Full of viscous mucus snail extract generous dedicated to skin! Significant effects supervisor for skin care in Japan and South Korea Comment clergyman. 


01. excellent skin regeneration effect: 90% of snail mucus-rich extract 

02. effective management of fine lines --- won Wrinkle certification 

03. get rid of skin problems such as acne generated trace --- can be directly used for sensitive skin are stimulated 

04. management loose skin --- peptides, green tea extract 

05. moisturizing & nutrition --- hyaluronic acid, white birch. 

06. protect skin from external stimuli --- dent majority of the extract, hydrogenated vegetable oil 

07. elastic skin. 


Snail magic! Repair amazing features that make your skin like a regeneration! Snail cream hot topic reason! An upgraded version of anti-wrinkle function! New listing! 

Usage: After cleansing and toning, apply evenly to the face and neck. 


In South Korea, crush their choice, more trust Skin Institute, developed by dermatologists doctors cosmetics, not to hurt the skin, improve the regulation reasonable skin.

*Disclaimer : The image is a special effect , The product effect varies from person
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