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Shills Essential Hydrating Toner 250ml pcs

Shills Essential Hydrating Toner 250ml pcs

Shills Essential Hydrating Toner 250ml pcs

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  • price: US14.30
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We often find ourselves spending long hours in air-conditioned surroundings; our skin tends to lose moisture and become dry easily. Quench your skin’s thirst with this hydrating toner and allure your partner with its delicate rose fragrance. Made of 100% natural French rose essential oil, it freshens, softens and moisturizes your skin, all at once.
French rose essential oil and hydrosol naturally hydrate your skin. Penetrating deep into skin layers, your skin is illuminated from within. The extract of a special Guarana seed found in Brazil Amazon helps enhance your skin vitality, giving you smooth, elastic skin. Moisturizing ingredients such as Chamomile extract and Sorbitol relieve skin irritations and supplement skin moisture levels.
How to Use:
1) As toner: After cleansing, apply an appropriate amount (about the size of a dollar coin) to cotton pad and wipe the face gently. Or pat and massage the skin with fingertips.
2) As a mask: Wet a mask sheet or cotton pad with the rose toning lotion and apply to face. Leave on for 10 minutes for a deep moisturizing effect. (Use daily for better results.)
*Disclaimer : The image is a special effect , The product effect varies from person
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