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DASODA Hello Kitty Makeup Pen Set (Eyeliner and Concealer modify other one) pcs

DASODA Hello Kitty Makeup Pen Set (Eyeliner and Concealer modify other one) pcs

DASODA Hello Kitty Makeup Pen Set (Eyeliner and Concealer modify other one) pcs

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  • price: US21.60
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Japanese shops defining new products, bottle design is cute Hello Kitty.



Limited Set contains


0.1mm very fine liquid eyeliner 0.55ml x 1


Perfect replenishment modified liquid concealer 2.7g x 1


In Japan, sales exceeded 2.5 million popularity, by Ms. Japan welcomed and loved!


It is easy on the makeup, super waterproof, durable! Is definitely the best choice!


Liner features:


Using natural materials


Quite waterproof, but with hot water or regular cleansing can be easily removed, reducing the damage to the skin.


More black color, enhanced stereoscopic eyes.


Nib super detailed, easier for the end of eye depicted.


Liquid than solid pen to pen a beautiful hair color, but first-time users still need to practice! ~


Point 1: The basic method to hold a pen like that of a pencil to gently hold.


Point 2: elbow, elbow and fingers to be fixed to be fixed on the desktop.


To prevent the tip shaking fingertips to be supported in the face.


Point 3: easy to see his eyes in order to easily see the eyes, the mirror paintings, so that a slight angle of the jaw a little prominent.


Point 4: finger painting eyelids eyelids pulled up so easily described.


Note that the correct point eyeliner painting is painted several times, not in one go!


1 A. beginning from the end to the middle of painting → B. Eye head start toward the middle draw → C. Finally toward Yanshao description.


2 Finally seeing a painting application.


※ Note that not blink when dry, then the effect will affect the draw!


Concealer Features:


Unique transparent photographic film effect, no longer see the pores, fine lines can be seen covered!


Able to eliminate and dry, highly moisturizing cream, make dry skin can be assured


One can present a perfect three-dimensional facial features comparable to professional optical stereoscopic little face makeup color


Triple concealer / highlight / shadow primer


Head design is easy to use, simply press the button each time you use at the top


Enough to cover blemishes and dark circles


To cover the pores, fine lines, pigmentation, dark circles, acne scars. Waterproof and sweat proof of sebum, lasting and effective

*Disclaimer : The image is a special effect , The product effect varies from person
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