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L'AFFAIR Mask [3-Step] (1.5ml ,1.5ml, 25ml)/pcs

L'AFFAIR Mask [3-Step] (1.5ml ,1.5ml, 25ml)/pcs

L'AFFAIR Mask [3-Step] (1.5ml ,1.5ml, 25ml)/pcs

  • weight:34.000 (g)
  • brand:L AFFAIR
  • Unit:1pcs
  • price: US2.00
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  • price: US2.00
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L'AFFAIR Mask item price
Vitamin Whitening 8809381690389 US2.00
Tea pores 8809381690358 US2.00
AC snail Acne 8809381690396 US2.00
Aloe Soothing 8809381690372 US2.00
Collagen 8809381690341 US2.00
Aqua 8809381690365 US2.00
 Main features:

Moisturizing, moisturizing, whitening, shrink pores, pulling compact, skin moisturizing


Any skin


Get local products in Korea 2013 annual ranking of local mask first! But selling this mask Few people in China, but invincible easy to use!


It was not just mask, also comes with a foam cleanser and makeup remover and a variety of different effects Essence trial installation - although it can only be used a few times, but the packaging also marked the use of steps. Enough to see the brand's intentions ~ Also after opening the package, paper mask contains the essence of which is pretty much.


1. Open the step 1, cleanser, clean the skin, foam very rich.

2. Open the step 2, ampoule essence, pat the skin.

3. Open the step 3, apply the mask on his face, 15-20 minutes after take down.

*Disclaimer : The image is a special effect , The product effect varies from person
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