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Sinil Pharm Fatigue pain stickers

Sinil Pharm Fatigue pain stickers

Sinil Pharm Fatigue pain stickers

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SINIL PHARM fatigue stickers

Artifact treating pain, rheumatism frozen shoulder, as well as for contemporary health groups. Long front of the phone, the computer, in fact, your shoulders, neck, lower back fatigue has reached a certain degree, office workers, fatigue paste is your essential artifact, do not wait for the time to treat incurable. Which parts feel sore, tight where you posted. The family has engaged in physical labor, such as with children or older people, essential.

A box containing four bags, a bag containing 10, a total of 40, the price of a box.


Symptoms of the following diseases and pain, inflammation

A) osteoarthritis (OA),

2) The shoulder joint state gastritis

3) the tendons and tendon synovitis

4) tendon gastritis

5) Tennis elbow (tennis elbow, etc.)

6), myalgia (muscle, St. John myofascial pain, etc.)

7) post-traumatic swelling and pain

How to use:

1. scissors to cut along the dotted line, remove one, the remaining cream sealed bag, seal it.

2. Place the opposite side of the green with the word tear.

3. affixed to the pain part, a plaster of aging for one day.

*Disclaimer : The image is a special effect , The product effect varies from person
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