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becupidon Gentle Peeling Treatment 200ml pcs

becupidon Gentle Peeling Treatment 200ml pcs

becupidon Gentle Peeling Treatment 200ml pcs

  • weight:401.000 (g)
  • brand:Becupidon
  • Unit:200ml
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  • price: US21.30
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Professional dermatologist, said:



As the impact of changes in the external environment conditions, diet uneven. Lifestyle is not normal. Stay up late. Emotional instability and other factors, metabolic changes often cause the skin, causing the skin rough. Dull, or skin cells not naturally fall off.


Because the accumulation of skin cells caused by thickening of the barrier will lead to maintenance of our coated products, reduce the absorption is lower epidermis or dermis.


Therefore, moderate or soften cuticles superficial exfoliation can improve uneven skin tone. Dull. And increase the absorption of skin care products.


The main purpose is to soften dead skin, clean pores of dirt, and the body can be used



Just use 1-2 times a week, directly adsorbed on the use of the site and gently rub circles around soften old keratin, dirt, thoroughly clean the pores. After using the skin as soft and smooth as a baby, sparkling white and moving.



*Disclaimer : The image is a special effect , The product effect varies from person
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