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metabolic Enzyme X yeast 15g(250mgx60PCS) 30 Return pcs

metabolic Enzyme X yeast 15g(250mgx60PCS) 30 Return pcs

metabolic Enzyme X yeast 15g(250mgx60PCS) 30 Return pcs

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Rakuten website slimming products, sales of the first one !!


X yeast enzyme health supplement combo


30 times metabolic weight loss ingredients × enzyme from yeast peptide formulations more than 100 kinds of wild plants,


Such as fermented ginger extract and health products.




With the main diet.


Help us maintain daily health.


※ diet healthy diet requires regular exercise and balanced.


Efficacy: detoxification enzymes help the body clean


Promote the decomposition of yeast to help digestion and absorption, it has a slimming effect






The importance of enzymes


(1) The body's digestion, absorption and metabolism are associated with [enzyme] are inseparable,


So get a sufficient amount of enzyme the body is very important.




(2) As we age, the body enzymes nonviable weakened, at the same time,


With modern life, the human large intake of processed foods, high-calorie food,


It consumes a lot of the body's enzymes, so the general population were deficient enzyme in vivo phenomenon.




Enzyme production process


(1) 100% of Brazil's rich natural plant, in Brazil farm instant fermentation.


(2) The above fermentation was then shipped to Hokkaido, Japan, after three years,


Fully fermented to produce the concentrated essence of fermentation.


(3) selection of balsamic vinegar to reconcile, very rich in acids, enzymes made rich, delicious [raw enzyme]








60/30 return points


(Per 2 (0.5 g))


Energy: 1.8kcal, Protein: 0.09 g, Fat: 0.02 g, Carbohydrates: 0.31 g, sodium: 0.1-10mg




 For people


1) focus on healthy, stay fit you woman


2) vegetables and other natural food supplement is insufficient


3) fatigue crowd


4) wishes to promote metabolism, weight loss crowd




Use Method


1 day 1-2 tablets (preferably before eating) with warm water orally.


According to the user's experience, along with the body to adapt to the product, you can also add a little volume.

*Disclaimer : The image is a special effect , The product effect varies from person
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