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Futaede night Eyelid sleep at night film 15g pcs

Futaede night Eyelid sleep at night film 15g pcs

Futaede night Eyelid sleep at night film 15g pcs

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How to use


(1) Please use from wipe well the eyelid of moisture and oil. 

(2) While holding the eyelid with a dedicated stick, to determine the position of Nie line. It looks natural when there is Nie line on 4-6mm from the eyelashes of hairline. 

(3) fingertip pack out a diameter of about 5mm in, close the lid by one eye, to avoid 1-2mm from the eyelashes of hairline, apply to the entire eyelid until the hairline of eyebrows. to the extent that the skin is sheer, please stretched thin uniform. 

(4) as it is about 2 minutes a little sticky feeling dry to some extent, while holding the per center of Nie line dedicated stick, you can open the gently to push in the eyelid skin eye. 

(5) Remove the dedicated stick, and prepares toward the outer corner of the eye from the inner corner of the eye so as to obtain connected deeply folding line Nie line. 

(6) Check the Nie the line was clearly marked, please rest as it is. 

(7) the next morning was peeled off gently with fingertips pack, please rinse the pack left in the skin.


Please note

● such as the hand touches the eyes while sleeping, you may pack is peeled off by the unconscious behavior. 

● by the thickness, etc. of the eyelid, there are individual differences in habit with the degree of Nie. 

● every day, please use to continue. 

● the first time before use, please the patch test in an inconspicuous part. 

● flaw, such as eczema, discontinue use if abnormalities appear on the skin, please consult your dermatologist. 

● During use, or after use, redness on the skin, itching, swelling, discontinue use if an abnormality such as irritation appear, please consult your doctor and dermatologist. 

● Please note that turning a blind eye. If it gets into your eyes, please rinse immediately. 

● After use, please tightly close the cap. 

● Please keep out of reach of children. 

● and extremely a location that will be used as a high temperature and humidity, please do not place in direct sunlight. 

● Please do not use it for purposes other than its intended use.


All components

Water, glycerine, polyvinyl alcohol, mineral oil, talc, titanium oxide, hydroxide Al, hyaluronic acid Na, water soluble collagen, Matecha leaf extract, coffee seed extract, cetyl hydroxyethylcellulose, 

PEG-60 almond glycerides, BG, iron oxide , methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, benzoic acid Na, sorbic acid K, phenoxyethanol


*Disclaimer : The image is a special effect , The product effect varies from person
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