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My Scheming blackhead acne removal activated carbon pcs

My Scheming blackhead acne removal activated carbon pcs

My Scheming blackhead acne removal activated carbon pcs

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Product description:


Main ingredients: Vitamin B5 ,, vitamin B3, allantoin, lactic acid.



Softening Lotion 20ml deep pore

Deep penetration pores dissolve grease accumulation and dirty old dead skin cells, promote skin normal metabolism and thus conditioning the skin.

Direction: After cleaning the face, apply proper amount and massage to strengthen local, to be applied to soften acne second agent.

Main ingredients: aloe extract, papaya enzyme, acid, road check extract.


Activated Carbon Black Mask 60ml acne removal

Moso natural active carbon, high adsorption ability to decompose, rough skin and control oil secretion, making skin look clearer, smoother.

Usage: Apply on using the first agent to soften parts of smear thickness required to cover color and pores, wait 15-20 minutes, completely dry, and then gently to tear up the next.

Main ingredients: active Moso bamboo charcoal, vitamin B5.


Pore ​​Conditioning Lotion 20ml purify

Moisturize the skin, tighten pores, supply moisturize and restore skin elasticity, skin plump and shiny, healthy skin.



Evenly pat deposited over the mask of the site, effectively tightens pores, making the skin more healthy.



Avoid direct eye contact product. If it gets into the eyes, immediately rinse thoroughly with water. If found any discomfort or sensitive skin, please stop using it immediately. Do not let children, do not eat, for external use only.

Sensitive skin recommend a topical skin tests, no allergic reaction before use.

Because this product contains natural plant extracts, natural color and smell will vary slightly different raw material, which was a normal phenomenon, please feel at ease to use.

Storage conditions: Store in a cool dry place and young children unable to obtain.


*Disclaimer : The image is a special effect , The product effect varies from person
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