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Naris Up Medicated Acne Care Lotion 160ml pcs

Naris Up Medicated Acne Care Lotion 160ml pcs

Naris Up Medicated Acne Care Lotion 160ml pcs

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  • brand:Naris Up
  • Unit:160ml
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Naris Up (Naris) Acmedica anti-smallpox moisturizing lotion / Toner added amino acids, anti-acne acne while moisturizing, skin has Moisture sense.




No spices, no pigment




Acne acne caused because too dry, the choice of moisturizing lotion net pox, water of high moisturizing ingredients added amino acids to each dried pores super locks cascading water effect, make the skin to restore to its original balance skin natural radiance.




Vitamin B6 unique ingredients that can recuperate sebum secretion, not because of the imbalance of oil out small acne.




Also with vitamin C whitening compound, so that the skin from pigmentation caused due to dull, spots, pigmentation pock, skin becomes white and delicate, to reproduce the translucent luster.




Manufacturers Name: NARISUP Corporation



Origin: Japan




Product description: Designed for young people to develop anti-smallpox anti-acne lotion medicinal


                Fully moisten the skin, the skin moist and shiny


                Shrink pores, inhibiting the excess oil


                Keep skin moist without sticky




Usage: After cleansing, pat in the face amount of the product to absorb




Note: Do not use skin have strange


                As occurs with symptoms, please stop using it immediately


                Please keep the cap tightly after use


                Please keep in place out of reach of children


                Do not save in extreme heat, cold or direct sunlight

*Disclaimer : The image is a special effect , The product effect varies from person
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