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Freeman Facial Anti-Stress Mask Dead Sea pcs

Freeman Facial Anti-Stress Mask Dead Sea pcs

Freeman Facial Anti-Stress Mask Dead Sea 175ml pcs

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  • Unit:175ml
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  • price: US13.70
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Suitable for: 


Suitable for all skin types, normal skin, large pores and rough, dry, oily or delicate type of skin sensitization weak, putting Freeman Dead Sea mud mask pale, pale and delicate effect can be obtained u want.


Penetrate thick Dead Sea mud wrap helps absorb dynamic elements, and metabolism of old dead skin cells, so that when cleaning the mask, you can joint will accumulate in the pores of dirt and dead skin cells out of the wash.


Product Features


Body effect of Dead Sea mud has long been prized by everyone spread praise,


But the professional salon Dead Sea mud spa, expensive and not every girl affordable.


Freeman's new pale magical Dead Sea mud mask, so no time to care for women,


Just spend a little time, you can make a home of their own Body Spa Dead Sea mud.


Relax and enjoy the open Young in the sea of ​​fresh atmosphere.




This product contains mineral Dead Sea mud can be deep within the pores of the adsorption dirt, shiny


Exfoliates, to Pore effect.




Dead Sea mud of high permeability, coverage that allows the skin to absorb the essence of Dead Sea mud minerals, seaweed extract, vitamin E, enhance skin moisture and elasticity.




Another added lavender and bergamot essence, putting you feel good, there is much coddled feel good.




5-10 minutes after deposition, wash with water.




Dead Sea mud can be skin grease dirt and dead skin cells away,




After deposition, the skin feels like a baby-like soft white and smooth, looks good white,




The first two feel is to enhance skin firmness,




The first three feeling is whiteness, for ultra-dull skin often complain of bad makeup








After cleansing, evenly spreads in the whole face and neck, avoiding the eye area


Please apply a uniform thickness the whole face, and the whole pores shelter is full, it can be deposited down to the neck,


After 5-15 minutes, scrubbed with water or a wet sponge.




Oily or combination skin can strengthen spreads T word parts.




It recommends normal skin or oily combination skin, you can apply one week twice.




Dry skin one week or two weeks apply once.




When the skin is poor skin condition, do not apply mask.




Before and after different effects depending on individual skin condition, the effect is not the same.

*Disclaimer : The image is a special effect , The product effect varies from person
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