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Hair Tools pcs

Hair Tools pcs

Hair Tools pcs

  • weight:92.000 (g)
  • brand:ABC
  • Unit:pcs
  • price: US4.70
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  • price: US4.70
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1. dental mouth must outwards, or cut does not look good, a good cut wash would be better, whereas the effect of relatively badly.


2. If the bubble misalignment, it would need more practice, this is not a product issue, a balance can master.


3. bangs relatively thick layered proposal to trim the hair so that better.


4. The tooth shear thinning shears are not instantly cut their hair, but the thickness by thinning hair haircut.


5. Do not be impatient when the scissors, teeth cut hair cut across the board will remember the hair separation, then cut the second knife (cut out in order to avoid the same dogs and the like)


6. Qi bangs oblique bangs hair tail can be cut and enjoy DIY fun ..




Teeth cut hair is impossible to cut down all knife broken, broken only part of the hair, because it is cutting teeth.


Why use scissors to cut bangs teeth? Because this will be natural.


Correct method of operation:


If it is their own operation, the mirror, put a piece of paper underneath.


Look in the mirror, cut down part of the hair is cut off, please cut back down the knife, do not immediately and a second knife.


Please cut the knife after the scissors away, leaving the hair.


Then start cutting the second knife, cut a knife after the release of scissors and then cut in the same position to repeat the action, they will fork.


*Disclaimer : The image is a special effect , The product effect varies from person
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