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SUPONJI Whitening sponge 1pack

SUPONJI Whitening sponge 1pack

SUPONJI Whitening sponge 1pack

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Sponge × 8 pieces , special forceps × 1 piece


Material sponge: melamine resin, special forceps: Polypropylene


Abrasives, medicine, all without the use!


Follow patented material made


Clean surface dirt, not to hurt the enamel.


Superfine micro hairy sponge,


Material concern to the industry "melamine form."


Its size is only 0.2 microns (1 micron = 1 hair / 10000)!


Special processing of melamine sponge toothbrush


Removal of the tooth surface ultrafine groove clogging not lost discoloration and stains!


Such worries of people recommended dirt


Coffee / wine / cigarettes / macula




1: Use a sponge forceps subsidiary knob wetted with water to remove surface moisture


2: sponge gently rub the tooth surface. Please rinse after use


Use the tips:


Cut matching teeth


※ Please use ordinary toothpaste


※ sponge is used once each on health


Note the use of:


Please note swallowed sponge


Custody in the child's hand's reach


Uses other than dental stains, do not use


Be sure to use genuine sponge


In order not to hurt the surface of teeth and gums, please note that the intensity


This product is a dedicated natural teeth dirt, fitted clogs teeth and other artificial teeth, do not use.


This product is about 1 to 2 week return as the target


Please continue to use the usual toothpaste


Abrasives, medicine did not use all.


*Disclaimer : The image is a special effect , The product effect varies from person
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