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APIEU So Cool Leg Relaxing Gel 130ml pcs

APIEU So Cool Leg Relaxing Gel 130ml pcs

APIEU So Cool Leg Relaxing Gel 130ml pcs

  • weight:245.000 (g)
  • brand:apieu
  • Unit:130ml
  • price: US16.30
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  • price: US16.30
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By rolling the probe to reach massage effect


Cool soothing gel edema Not a day


And can help improve the rough skin


The main ingredient


Guarana extract, vegetable category Botox, legance, peppermint & menthol.


Product description


Refreshing cool bars, massage leg skin, relax muscles, promote blood circulation, restore firmness legs curve and find a sense of self-confidence.


The condensed muscles recover soft, soft skin full stretch, compact shape attractive leg line.


Refreshing peppermint and menthol within the gel composition, giving the skin a refreshing cool comfort, help get adequate rest weary legs.


After rolling massage refreshing gel, tapping leg skin, fresh and not sticky, and promote rapid absorption of the legs.


Feel comfortable to use, 360-degree rotating massage beads smooth high-elastic silicon, the best massage effect.




After bathing, dry residual moisture on the skin, take appropriate products applied in the thigh, the calf, the use of massage beads gently massage until absorbed.


Small reminder: remember to use the correct way out of the gel Oh (as shown)

*Disclaimer : The image is a special effect , The product effect varies from person
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