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PRICKLY HEAT Cooling Powder 150g pcs

PRICKLY HEAT Cooling Powder 150g pcs

PRICKLY HEAT Cooling Powder 150g pcs

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Marketing in Southeast Asia collection of rare plants and gall bladder as a whole, the use of advanced manufacturing technology, combined with nearly a hundred years of production experience,




Remove Rush itching, refreshing, eliminate the odor, anti-insect bites, especially for heat poisoning caused by drinking or skin allergy caused by wonders,




And pink fragrant incense, after the individual child because the baby bath and skin allergies caused by toxic heat eczema, inflammation of the essential powder, skin prognosis does not leave scars, still smooth.




Suitable for men and women, for external use only.






Original Thai snake powder, is the use of rare plants and gall bladder refining, combined with the experience of the past century, flooding prickly heat itching, refreshing, anti-mosquito bites,




Especially for heat-induced toxicity and skin allergy caused by drinking wonders, and pink fragrant, it is necessary after baby bath powder, men and women are available.








1, sprinkled on the body after bathing, rub evenly.




2. After cleaning the skin, the product is gently applied to the skin, it can slow down the sweat irritate the skin.




3, often run the business men, as long as the adult antiperspirant powder coated in the feet or socks inside the cast a thin layer of powder,




     Also scattered into the shoes, you can keep the feet dry and comfortable all day long, to prevent athlete's foot.




4, often to maintain the image of the lady, always worried about underarm sweat?




     Simply put adult antiperspirant powder coated in the armpit, to dry sweat, wipe sweat,




     Kept dry all day, do not worry about the problems caused by sweat!








1, topical, not eat, not the eyes, mouth, mucous membranes, if happens, immediately flush with water.




2, stored in a cool dry place. Should not let the children pick up.




3, children under two hanged.








As the product is not sealed, and is powdery, so before opening the lid, it is recommended first bottle upright, shake, and then opening the lid,




This can reduce the logistics process upside down bottle, stuck in the bottle to produce a powder. Easy to use.

*Disclaimer : The image is a special effect , The product effect varies from person
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