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PDC LIFTARNA Concentrate Mask(7 pcs)

PDC LIFTARNA Concentrate Mask(7 pcs)

PDC LIFTARNA Concentrate Mask(7 pcs)

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PDC this Liftarna active black mask near the Japanese sell very hot, island sister love it!


Japan's PDC LIFTARNA POLA lady brand active charcoal fine pores moisturizing mask on! POLA! Whitening pills is that thousands of POLA!


This mask is enlarged pores ah mature muscle conditioning, etc. for appeal, can be adsorbed dirt way to add moisture mask, using a Japanese Kochi deep ocean water,


Three kinds of vitamin C were sustained stability, high permeability plus soy, collagen, as a subsidy, but also added a firming ingredients.


Even apply seven days, to reach blackheads whiteheads closed all gone, face clean as new magical effects.


Mask is black, the main component of activated carbon adsorption, and the rich Whitening ingredients, clean pores and high moisture is not sticky.


Product Ingredients:


1. containing artichoke extract on the skin play a convergence effect.


2. Vitamin A, collagen and soy extracts, deep into the underlying skin can reach deep moisturizing effect, keeping skin elasticity and luster.


3. contain high penetration of vitamin C, vitamin C and continuing stability of vitamin C, so that the skin moist and full.


4. All kinds of essence dissolved in Kochi Muroto water and deep ocean water, the skin can dilute the appearance of fine lines, skin as smooth as eggs.


5. contain carbon element, it can be adsorbed in the pores of dirt, to clean pores effect.




Activated carbon can forcefully remove grease, dirt adsorption pores of sebum, with three kinds of vitamin C and collagen, the rapid clean water, deep conditioning skin, balance water and oil, oily skin is no longer easy.


Cut paper mask reasonable, fully fit facial, black little scary, but which added carbon content, absorbing enough nutrients essential skin care. Box 7, adhere to a week, then there will be significant changes in the skin.




Affixed to the facial skin after cleansing, 5-10 minutes can be peeled off, a bag inside 7, the bag mouth seal, so the initial use tear the bag when not to tear the seal.


After each squeezing the bag a little bit, out of which the air is then sealed into the shadows you can use.


After using be sure to seal sealed to prevent drying.


And 30 days after opening, please use up.

*Disclaimer : The image is a special effect , The product effect varies from person
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