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Cosmos konjac cleansing bath sponge (dry) [1pc]

Cosmos konjac cleansing bath sponge (dry) [1pc]

Cosmos konjac cleansing bath sponge (dry) [1pc]

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COSMOS konjac cleansing bath sponge (no added dried)




Konjac plant fiber, water




1. This product is konjac plant fiber, do not use cleanser containing alcohol.


2. bath milk directly on the sponge squeeze, easy to cause decomposition of fiber pits, first in the hands of foaming with use.


3. After air drying hardens as a normal phenomenon, stored in humid places prone to mildew, mildew is found, replace the new.


preservation method:


Please put the shade, avoid sunshine and high temperatures.


Shelf life:






(1) The first use of konjac Cleansing cotton placed first soaked in water for 3-5 minutes later can be used directly


(2) The cleanser or lotion placed on konjac Cleansing cotton play bubble, light wash to massage skin, and then wash the face with water and cleansing cotton (you can not use cleanser or lotion )


With both hands flat (3) can not be twisted using a press to squeeze


(4) in a dry, airy place to save the environment, it is best to use PVC bags placed in the refrigerator


Using natural konjac plant fiber, free of preservatives and chemical additives, ingredients gentle, easy to cause skin irritation.


Soft natural konjac Cleansing cotton extract made from glucose and the main ingredients of polysaccharide mannose key solution, doubling skin moist.


Gel fibers contained 97% of moisture and skin will form a contact layer protection film of water, so touch redouble smooth.


3D porous structure within konjac sponge, rub cleanser at the same time will produce large amounts of foam, can effectively face gently remove dead skin cells.


One hundred percent natural ingredients, not only for all skin types, even sensitive skin and delicate skin of newborns are applicable.

*Disclaimer : The image is a special effect , The product effect varies from person
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