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Simply Ultra Hydration Mask 25g/Pcs

Simply Ultra Hydration Mask 25g/Pcs

Simply Ultra Hydration Mask 25g/Pcs

  • weight:34.000 (g)
  • brand:Simply
  • Unit:25g
  • price: US1.40
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  • price: US1.40
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Ingredients: water, 1,3-butanediol, sodium PCA, urea, xanthan gum, phenoxyethanol, cactus, etc., see the merchandise marked



Purpose: moisturizing, skin to maintain moisture to keep skin elasticity


Method of operation:


Face lotion after cleaning and wiping, mask and gently place the whole face, you can remove the mask for about 10-15 minutes later,


If the face is still left essence, you can use the pulp gently massage to help skin absorb, 


without washing, rinsing mask repeat emulsion (cream) so often maintenance program that will lock in the skin nourishing ingredients.


preservation method:


Please put a dark, dry place and young children unable to obtain.


Shelf life: three years


Origin: Taiwan


*Disclaimer : The image is a special effect , The product effect varies from person
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