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NAF36H Eye Primer Smudgeproof pcs

NAF36H Eye Primer Smudgeproof pcs

NAF36H Eye Primer Smudgeproof pcs

  • weight:33.000 (g)
  • brand:NAF36h
  • Unit:pcs
  • price: US14.80
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  • price: US14.80
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Eyes special protective cover, make your eyeshadow more lasting and more touching dazzling line


Brighten the eye shadow, prevent blooming


Paste exclusive development design


Add cosmetic ingredients


Specially designed for eye-specific primer cream, make eye shadow to brighten the effect, slowing blooming eyeliner, eye makeup for a long time without makeup, showing a perfect makeup


Exclusive design developed paste "no sense Refreshing glossy powder" refreshing texture, good smooth evenly.


Can be easily integrated in skin texture, while covering the eyelids to prevent blooming, but both long and brighten sebum absorption effect,


Provide more long-term lock water containing fragile eye skin, moisturizing effect of "hyaluronic acid", as well as resistance against oxidation and increase the skin's "Vitamin C & E"


Small Piebu:


Antihalation cream is also an excellent universal products that can also be used as eyeliner eyebrows and under the base product, make more lasting makeup


Makeup steps:


Antihalation cream> eyeshadow> eyeliner



*Disclaimer : The image is a special effect , The product effect varies from person
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