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Nahls Mint Plus Skin Lotion Toners 80ml pcs

Nahls Mint Plus Skin Lotion Toners 80ml pcs

Nahls Mint Plus Skin Lotion Toners 80ml pcs

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For Safe and Highly Effective Skin Care



Nikko Rica sells the new cosmetic raw ingredient "Nahlsgen®" and the related cosmetics product "Nahls Mint Plus®" in partnership with Nahls Corporation, which is a university-based venture company.


The new cosmetic raw ingredient "Nahlsgen®" is an aging care ingredient that was developed for the first time in the world by researchers at Kyoto University and Osaka City University.



Sales of Nahlsgen®


Nahlsgen® is an amino acid derivative for regenerating collagen production, and is highly effective as a skin care ingredient such as for increasing moisture in the corneum and promoting the natural regeneration of skin. Nikko Rica sells this product for the field of cosmetics.


Details on Nahlsgen® are available here



Sales of Nahls Mint Plus


This is a beauty lotion that uses Nahlsgen® as an aging care ingredient. It stimulates the production of "collagen", "elastin elastic fibers", and "HSP47", and supports bringing back the original function of skin if used continuously.

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