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NiceMay Double - Sided Eyelash Curler pcs

NiceMay Double - Sided Eyelash Curler pcs

NiceMay Double - Sided Eyelash Curler pcs

  • weight:30.000 (g)
  • brand:nice may
  • Unit:pcs
  • price: US11.30
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  • price: US11.30
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Simple operation, lasting curling, as well as easy to use mascara









Please clean before using the eye, the slight moisture retention eyelashes




Turn on the power, from about 15 to 30 seconds will automatically complete heating




After aligned eyelash brush first blanched, mascara, mascara and so do a little time and then hot,




When hot, hot roll three times, respectively, in the roots of eyelashes, middle and tail,




But remember not to brush back and forth, just posted on the lashes, and repeat 2-3 times each stay after 3-5 seconds.




Curler up to 45-degree angle iron, curling effect will be better!




Many guests asked Q & A




Q: Curler will not be very hot, hot to the eyelids?




A: brush have insulation safety net, first-time buyers, we recommend that you try it first hand there at the end.




      Because if heat to scorch the eyelids or eyelashes, that this product is that no one will use it!




Q: battery and extend the life of the machine tips




A:. 1 after each use, it is recommended that you remove the batteries to prevent battery go electric.




      2. Each time you use the machine control in a matter of minutes, not too long driving machine, it will affect the life of the machine!

*Disclaimer : The image is a special effect , The product effect varies from person
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