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Kose Cosmeport Suncut UV Spary 90g pcs

Kose Cosmeport Suncut UV Spary 90g pcs

Kose Cosmeport Suncut UV Spary 90g pcs

  • weight:178.000 (g)
  • brand:KOSE
  • Unit:90g
  • price: US13.00
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  • price: US13.00
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Product description:


Transparent spray of dry powder bulking, whitish


Easy evenly to easy care!

Light, and even more surprises!


Intense UV cut

Resistant to water and sweat and sebum, long, intense UV blocking. Protects against sunburn spots and freckles.


Transparent smooth

No stickiness, the rest white skin and burden light and easy usability. Repeatedly put sticky, sweaty skin smooth and silky.


Facial care

Healthy and prevents and protects skin and hair from UV damage. Can be used as a makeup base.


Also, upside-down OK


Private cleansing required




Colorless transparent type


No fragrance, no mineral oil, No paraben.







And whenever use cans up and down strongly 4-5 times the skin and hair from 10- 15 cm apart and spray, apply evenly.


And when your face once out in the Palm of your hand and then apply small amounts at a time. 


Cases of hair and makeup on your use as well. Please note that makes unavailability.


Paint doesn't turn white, so do not forget to apply evenly.


To prevent sunburn, please dzuke layers.


When is facial cleanser, body cleanser, shampoo and wash it carefully.

*Disclaimer : The image is a special effect , The product effect varies from person
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