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MYCOAL Clothing Adhesive Body Warmer 10 pcs

MYCOAL Clothing Adhesive Body Warmer 10 pcs

MYCOAL Clothing Adhesive Body Warmer 10 pcs

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- Take out the warmer from the sachet and take off the back liner.

- Apply the warmer on your clothing such as underwear or T-shirt at any part of your body. *Don’t apply the warmer directly on your skin.

- The temperature goes up to 40 deg. C within 20 minutes.

- The warmer starts reaction right after opening the sachet. Please open the sachet just before use.

- It will keep warmth above 40 deg. C for 12 hours (Large) / 10 hours (Mini)

- It is better for keeping warmth to cover the warmer by clothing such as shirt or sweater.

- Don’t lay down on the warmer. Don’t use other warming products at the same time on the same part you use the warmer. If you feel uncomfortable or too hot, take off the warmer immediately.

*Disclaimer : The image is a special effect , The product effect varies from person
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