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Nature Tree Plus+ Whitening Essence 250ml pcs

Nature Tree Plus+ Whitening Essence 250ml pcs

Nature Tree Plus+ Whitening Essence 250ml pcs

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Product Description



Concentrated whitening essence, with hyaluronic acid, mulberry extract, aloe vera gel and other excellent moisturizing ingredients , give plenty of water to moisturize the skin , the skin becomes moisurized, white , translucent . Adding effective whitening ingredient - vitamin C and ellagic acid sugar Gan , full inhibit melanin ; . And using mulberry extract , aloe vera gel, horse chestnut extract, repair and soothe the skin to skin clean , transparent white effect. Make dry skin , accumulation of old dead skin all improve the situation , to maintain a healthy white muscle . The fair also repair power increase , and at the same time improve dry dull , showing white hydrogel muscle . Added innovative formula - pea extract - can make the skin becomes more bright shiny .





How to Use

1.After toner step of skincare in the morning and night time , take 2 to 3 drops onto whole face and massage to absorb,gently massage the face and neck , and then take the right amount to pulp pat dry areas.

2.You can mix it with lotion or cream emulsion, increasing the effectiveness of anti-wrinkle skin care products


*Disclaimer : The image is a special effect , The product effect varies from person
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