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Balea Beauty Effect Lifting Kur  (7 X 1ml)

Balea Beauty Effect Lifting Kur (7 X 1ml)

Balea Beauty Effect Lifting Kur (7 X 1ml)

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  • price: US12.50
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[Product efficacy] pull tight, anti-wrinkle, moisturizing


1, after cleaning the face can take the toner, and then open the ampoule, the essence of the liquid evenly applied to the face, neck, gently massage to absorb;

2, if the use of eye cream, please apply cream before the ampoule, the use of ampoule can still use cream. Recommended for use at night, sleep during the skin can better absorb the essence;

3, a box of seven, continuous use every day. After use can be selected according to their skin conditions use time. Generally recommend the use of two boxes, that is, two weeks time, if you need to consolidate the two boxes can be used, after a month or two months to continue to use. You can also use one or two boxes, every one to two weeks, start the next course of treatment.

4, this product is very high sensitivity, sensitive skin can also be used.

Note: one is a dosage, this product does not contain any preservatives, after opening a bottle after use, so as not to affect the product efficacy.

*Disclaimer : The image is a special effect , The product effect varies from person
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