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LASYA Let's Slim 300M pcs

LASYA Let's Slim 300M pcs

LASYA Let's Slim 300M pcs

  • weight:182.000 (g)
  • brand:LASYA
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  • price: US11.50
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LASYA Let`s Slim Heat Top Stocking Tinker Stretch Stockings 300M Black

2016 the latest products first landing !!

Let's Slim stockings for three consecutive years in Korea sales first !! burst champion !!

LASYA is a well-known Korean brand, the company is committed to the study of women's leg curve, the production of more suitable for different women's stockings pants and other products, has been 40 years of history.

● professional and technical pressure from the soles of the feet to the thigh gradually diminished, can make venous return of venous blood, effective links to improve the lower extremity venous and venous valve pressure, will not let you feel breathless.

● Socks abdomen positive pressure has diminished abdominal function.

● hip at the pressure of hip, stovepipe effect is very significant.

● unique design of the buttocks to prevent the decline, comfort and enhance the lines of the United States, walking also stovepipe.

● generally for ten days after the continuous, the legs will change, long-term wear can also achieve the effect of improving the legs. stovepipe is a gradual process, do not think of a wear on the thin, the proposed sister to replace a few pairs of wear, stick to it will be effective.

● 300M thickness, the most suitable for wearing in winter, not through the meat, anti-hook silk design, height 150-175CM are suitable for.

● fabric using high-elastic fiber Korea, superior elasticity, swallow excess fat, so that the more leg through the slim.

● Special mean distributed pressure design, with stovepipe and anti-varicose veins.

● Scientific design, the pressure is 13/15 / 17hpa.

● Accelerated fat burning, improve foot swelling, edema, and promote blood circulation.

▲ Color: Black


▲ Material: high-elastic rubber

*Disclaimer : The image is a special effect , The product effect varies from person
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