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Daiso Makeup Sponge (10pcs)

Daiso Makeup Sponge (10pcs)

Daiso Makeup Sponge (10pcs)

  • weight:27.000 (g)
  • brand:Daiso
  • Unit:pcs
  • price: US3.00
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  • price: US3.00
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makeup lazy must artifact!

transparent natural nude makeup secret!

the skin is not stimulating, sensitive skin who also apply Oh! The puff for the concealer, foundation cream dedicated, can effectively modify the corner, the need to Concealer location and other small parts, eye makeup essential Oh ~

Simple finish delicate makeup! Easy to clean and save, very soft and easy to use.

& nbsp;


dry use: light powder to dip the amount of powder makeup, gradually push on the skin to open.

wet: the sponge enough water, forced to dry after use. After use or before storage, please do the water completely dry.

[Maintenance method]

1. When weighed, please use warm water plus a small amount of a large sponge powder lotion, in order to repeat the squeeze squeeze the sponge deep dirt, and rinse with water until the water vapor is completely evaporated after the dry Storage or re-use, can be used with Japan's large DAISO sponge puff cleaning agent cleaning.

2. When you find poor elasticity or discoloration, replace the new product.

3. Avoid contact with high temperature or sunlight.

*Disclaimer : The image is a special effect , The product effect varies from person
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