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LaLa underwear cleaning bag (cleaning bag x1 + detergent 500ml)

LaLa underwear cleaning bag (cleaning bag x1 + detergent 500ml)

LaLa underwear cleaning bag (cleaning bag x1 + detergent 500ml)

  • weight:1025.000 (g)
  • brand:LALA
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  • price: US26.30
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One set includes: detergent 500ml + cleaning bag x1

Cleaner Ingredients: Natural Minerals, Natural Surfactants (Nonionic), Food Additives

plant fermentation cleaning agent, do not use gloves, can be made directly.

Contains plant fermentation materials that can be cleaned clean

plant fatty acids as the main raw material, to prevent static electricity

Highly concentrated cleaners can be cleaned with a small amount of

6 No addition (preservatives, bleach, fluorescent whitening agents, chemical surfactants, phosphates, dyes)

Security products certified by the KC logo (SA13-06466)

How to use it:

Prepare 3L hot water, put 6CC cleaning agent in the bag (two pump components, one pump about 3CC)

Underwear, children's clothes, towels, etc. Wish to clean clothes into the bag

After about 20 minutes, wash your clothes.

If the clothes have long-lasting contaminants, you can scrub by hand to wash thoroughly.

*Disclaimer : The image is a special effect , The product effect varies from person
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