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Alovivi Pearl beauty water 500ml pcs

Alovivi Pearl beauty water 500ml pcs

Alovivi Pearl beauty water 500ml pcs

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Alovivi Pearl Beauty Water (500ml)




* Activated cells, antioxidant, can prevent spots, dull and improve the fine lines and other old phenomenon.


* No alcohol, no spices, no color, natural pearl extraction to the skin from the inside through the pearl-like translucent gloss




1. Add natural pearl extract essence water (hydrolyzed pearl protein).


2. This component is protein, in the pearl layer only 2% of the precious protein content, can be called the treasure of amino acids.


3. Contains "pearl protein" for the formation of a variety of amino acids, rich in glycine, alanine, long-term moisturizing,


Conditioning the skin texture and keep the skin smooth and other effects. And add moisturizing ingredients hyaluronic acid, strengthen the skin moist.


4. Natural moisturizing ingredients can penetrate into the stratum corneum, prevent dryness and bring supple and luster to the skin.




# When the make-up water: can wash your face sooner or later, with a cotton pad gently pat on the whole face, can appease the skin after sun,


But also help follow-up skin care products to absorb.


# When the mask every day apply: available compressed mask paper, made of moisturizing mask, used every day about 150 times.


# When the face, the body moisturizing spray: do carry moisturizing spray; on the makeup, makeup makeup, or air-conditioned room,


The sun at any time pay, soothing, refreshing.


Origin: Japan


*Disclaimer : The image is a special effect , The product effect varies from person
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