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WAKODO baby UV care for sunscreen for leisure SPF35 30g pcs

WAKODO baby UV care for sunscreen for leisure SPF35 30g pcs

WAKODO baby UV care for sunscreen for leisure SPF35 30g pcs

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Japanese system and light hall infants and young children out of play with sunscreen milk


To breast milk contained in the human skin moisturizing effect of ingredients as raw materials


SPF35 PA +++ Medium High SPF


Sunscreen, anti-ultraviolet powder while moisturizing


Waterproof baby sunscreen, suitable for summer baby travel and swimming use


Add oligosaccharides, phospholipids, inositol moisturizing ingredients, a high degree of moisturizing and moisturizing


Travel or outdoor swimming, will be subject to longer sunlight


A lot of sweating or water when the requirements of sunscreen products with waterproof function


Low irritant formula, suitable for your baby delicate skin


Adopt a natural formula close to the baby's skin ingredients


No UV absorber


Low irritation, weak acid, no spices, no color, no alcohol, no preservatives


The same for the sensitive skin of the mother to use


Pure plant moisturizing ingredients, sunscreen while moisturizing the skin


Contains pure plant moisturizing ingredients LIPDURE and peach essence, double lock water, sunscreen while lasting moisturizing


Watery easy to push non-greasy, easy to clean, no residue


Easily rinse with soap or shower gel


** Made in Japan **


*Disclaimer : The image is a special effect , The product effect varies from person
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