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Spirulina Green Princess Eye Mask

Spirulina Green Princess Eye Mask

Spirulina Green Princess Eye Mask

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SHANGPREE Department of South Korea's SPA brand, Hong Kong may not know how many people


Canal in Seoul Jiangnan District, a well-known SPA, have their own products


Champagne Green Princess Spirulina Eye Mask


Is a combination of black pearl eye mask + gold eye mask on the basis of improved version of the upgrade


Into the advantages of two eye mask


Increased the effect of diluting dark circles and fine lines, as well as improving eye irritation and relieving eye fatigue


Is the eye effect of a better one


On the basis of the original addition of snail stock and spirulina, anti-dry fine lines of gold and Korean wild ginseng ingredients


Anti-aging, dilute the fine lines for the eye to add water around


Spirulina in addition to anti-oxidation, anti-fatigue, but also anti-radiation function


Can alleviate and reduce the radiation suppression of hematopoietic function to improve dark circles


Also used Tahitian black pearl refined concentrated nano-black pearl powder


Can dilute the dark circles with anti-wrinkle gold particles of the essence of ingredients


Every point on the eye has pearls and gold ingredients


Eye mask can not only be attached to the eye around to improve dark circles, bags under the eyes, edema, crow's feet


But also posted on the forehead to improve the Sichuan word pattern, attached to the mouth to remove the law make the pattern, the pattern pattern


Deposited in the neck but also to heal the neck, 15 minutes after the eye skin compact


Fine lines of dry lines significantly faded dark circles also played a lot




Only under the eyes, nasolabial fold, forehead, eyebrows


Make gold powder or gold powder of gold powder


Collagen and hyaluronic acid cosmetic ingredients particles will continue to penetrate deep into the skin


After stripping, you will find amazing tension, shiny, moisturizing


*Disclaimer : The image is a special effect , The product effect varies from person
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