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Belle Madame Rose Diamond Blender

Belle Madame Rose Diamond Blender

Belle Madame Rose Diamond Blender

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This "diamond sponge" material fine, whether it is liquid foundation, concealer, powder can be very obedient, and wet and dry,


Want to create a thin translucent makeup, the sponge will be wet use, if you want the Concealer effect is more ideal, you can directly use the dry sponge on the makeup.


A total of 13 cutting surface, four different functions:


The bottom of the tip is used to cover spots, acne and other local Concealer.


The middle of the long slope is used to cheek or forehead and other large area of the end of the makeup, the middle of the short slope is used in the modified eyebrows, eyes and mouth and other parts,


And the top of the plane is used to set makeup powder. Will not pull the face of the skin, easy to push the extension will be able to extend the foundation, save time and convenience.


*Disclaimer : The image is a special effect , The product effect varies from person
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