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Cezanne UV Clear Face Powder SPF28 PA+++ (2 Colour)

Cezanne UV Clear Face Powder SPF28 PA+++ (2 Colour)

Cezanne UV Clear Face Powder SPF28 PA+++ (2 Colour)

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 SPF28 PA+++. 2 shades. 

This smooth, clear face powder gives your complexion long-lasting clarity that does not oxidize or darken. 

The translucent compact is also bright and clear. Its transparent, smooth powder particles give your skin 

a bright look that banishes dullness and darkness. 

It also absorbs sebum and softly blurs the pores, so your complexion stays clear from morning to night. 

Contains 10 kinds of moisturizing ingredients, like vitamin C and acerola extract. 

It does not require a cleanser to remove, so it is gentler on the skin. Contains no tar-based pigments.

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